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Staging: whitespace in a a required text block field causes sync failure



      Steps to reproduce:

      Prepare the environment:

      • Prepare 2 eZ Publish 4.7 installations, fully patched. One will be your source server, and the other will be the target server;
      • Install eZ Content Staging 4.7.1 on both installations. More details here:


      Note: when installing eZ Content Staging 4.7.1 in the source server, make sure to use:



      1. Create a new content class on source installation:

      Name : Required test
      ID : required_test
      Container : Not checked

      Object name pattern : <name>

      Add two attributes as the following :

      Attribute Type : Text line

      • Name of the attribute : Name
      • ID of the attribute : name
      • Is required : checked

      Attribute Type : Text block

      • Name of the attribute : Description
      • ID of the attribute : description
      • Is required : checked

      2. Submit the creation of the class;
      3. Export the new class through a package and then import it on the target installation.

      Reproduce the issue:

      1. On source installation, create an object for the new "Required test" class:

      Name: Required text block with space

      Since the description field is required, enter a whitespace in it (ASCII CODE 32).

      2. Publish object (validation passes even with a whitespace);
      3. Go to "setup" tab -> Content staging, and sync the new object. The following error is generated:

      Event synchronisation action results :
      * Object 10112 to be synchronised to feed 47ezfc_cs2.com: failure (HTTP error 400 (Bad Request)) [Event 19]

      The folowing error is generated on var/log/error.log:

      [ Dec 03 2014 17:17:18 ] [] eZContentStagingEvent::syncEvents:
      Failed syncing event 19, transport error code: HTTP error 400 (Bad Request)

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