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Deleting Image contents does not correctly remove images from storage in DFS



      On administration interface, create a folder 'Folder' on Home.
      Inside folder 'Folder', create an Image with name "SomeImage", with caption "Image caption v1", and upload an image file into it.
      Edit the image 'SomeImage' and alter caption to 'Image caption v2'.
      Now remove the image (send into Trash).
      On CLI, go to DFS shared folder (ex: /mnt/ezdfs/var/ezflow_site/storage/images/folder/image/193-1-eng-GB).
      Inside, there's the folder "Trashed" as expected, but also one of the image aliases (SomeImage_medium.png) is outside the Trashed folder (that should not).

      On administration interface, go to the Trash and restore the deleted image "SomeImage" back to its original location (below folder 'Folder').
      Back on CLI, verify the storage path again, and notice the trashed folder is still present and inside it there is an image alias in the format 30ead47ee0606baab0e3b31ffe576724_medium.png that should not be there.


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