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Bug with object relations and AdvancedObjectRelationList setting




      When you have a contentclass with a datatype object "relation list" and AdvancedObjectRelationList=enabled on site.ini, the content is not stored when you try to add new content inline for the object relation list attribute.

      This works with a plain eZ Publish 5.2 installation but not with patches for eZ Publish 5.2 installed.

      The issue is reproducible after applying the fix from EZP-22546.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Edit your site.ini.append.php and add the following:


      2. Clear the caches
      3. Edit the folder class
      4. Add an object relations attribute to it
      5. Configure the object relations attribute with:
      -> Type: New and existing objects
      -> Allowed classes: Gallery
      -> Object class: Gallery
      6. Save the folder class
      7. Create a new folder object
      8. In the object relations attribute, create a new Gallery
      9. And then upload a new Image into it
      10. Publish your Folder object
      11. Edit your folder object
      12. Edit the Gallery which you created previously (inside the Folder object)
      13. The Image is not present anymore.

      Nothing will be saved in the inline gallery, which means that the Name, Short description, Description are also not saved.
      The image will not be saved if you are uploading a new image from your hard drive.

      If you add an image that already exists in eZ Publish, the image seems to be saved. But this seems to be the only working case.

      Except that, nothing else is saved.


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