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MenuContentSettings setting has problems with disallowed content types



      If I disable a content type from showing on knp top menu and if it contains a content of a content type that is allowed, this one inside will show up on knp menu whereas it shouldn't, since its parent is not allowed to show.

      Steps to reproduce:

      If I try to create a new container content type (NewContainerContentType) and make sure it's disabled from showing on top menu:
      (by ensuring there is no setting to allow it from showing, by verifying there isn't any
      "#TopIdentifierList[]=new_container_type" setting on "[MenuContentSettings]" section

      At home, create, as an example, one or two instances of a showing container, such as a folder or a gallery.
      Then, create an instance of NewContainerContentType, and enter it.
      Inside it, create another instance of a showing container content type.
      Access front end and verify that the folder inside the container that shouldn't appear, appears in its stead, whereas I believe, as seen from legacy module, this should not happen.
      It appears that the container should not appear alongside all its containee objects, if it's disallowed, even if its subcontents are allowed.


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