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An empty line at the beginning of a Text block will be lost



      If you insert empty lines at the beginning of a text block, each time you edit and publish (or store as a draft) one of the beginning empty lines will be removed.

      This might be related to EZP-17014, and happens in Internet Explore, Chrome and Firefox.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Open the backend
      2. Create a new class named TestClass with the following attributes:
        • *Title*: Text Line
        • *Text*: Text Block
      3. Create a new TestClass object and insert the following text in the text attribute (there are three empty lines at the beginning of the text) and publish it.

        Line One
        Line Two

      4. Edit the TestClass object and publish it or save is as a draft.
      5. Edit the TestClass object again, and confirm the first empty line is gone.
      6. Save and edit TestClass object again two more times, and confirm all the empty lines at the begging are gone. The empty line between "Line One" and "Line Two" should remain untouched.

      Note: Please notice this issue is related to Text Block, not eZXML Block.



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