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version history limit is not effective with multiple languages


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      In the case of a massively-multilanguage site, it is common to increase the versionhistorylimit setting, to allow editors to have multiple versions open at the same time.


      • 10 languages defined for content
      • create a draft in each language
      • try to create a 2nd draft in any language => fail, as we already have too many versions created (default version history limit set at 10)

      This is solved by increasing version DefaultVersionHistoryLimit or its per-class equivalent.

      The problem is that this means that a huge number of content versions will be kept in the database, even when the version cleanup cronjobs are scheduled.
      And since there are many languages, this means a lot of rows in the attribute table - real life example: 2500 objects, 32 langauges, 50 max versions, 16M attributes.

      Ideally, the user should be able to configure the system so that:

      • it allows creation of multiple drafts, maybe limiting the number of drafts per-language (instead of having a number of total drafts and without counting archived versions)
      • it still can automatically remove most archived versions, keeping only a few


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