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"swap node" function can swap container and non-container nodes (invalid state)



      The 'Swap with another node' function in the administration interface swaps two nodes (not subtrees).

      When one of the objects (A) is a container, with children, and the other (B) is not, the result will be an incoherent state:
      B will display a children count such as " Sub items ", but instead of the children will show the message "The <ClassName> class is not configured to contain any sub items."

      Steps to reproduce:
      • Create or modify a class, and uncheck the "Container" checkbox.
      • Create a new object of this type (NodeA)
      • Create a Folder object (NodeB), and add at least one child node to it.
      • Swap NodeA with NodeB using the node's cogwheel > Advanced > Swap with another node.

      Verify that NodeA should not have any children (not container) but does display a Sub Item count.


      Its possible the same issue may be triggered from a script, for example; in which case the solution should ideally contemplate it as well.


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