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Discarding an object creation raises a javascript error


    • Type: Bug Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: High High
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 5.3-dev
    • Component/s: Misc
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    • Environment:

      Operating System: CentOS 6.5 x64
      PHP Version: 5.3.3
      Database and version: Mysql 5.1.73
      Browser (and version): Firefox 29



      In BUL tarball, build #1259, in backend, when i discard an object creation, a javascript error window is opened with the error below

      This only happens in firefox (29). In Chrome and IE11 this does not happen.


      • create an article (or user). Do not publish
      • Discard the object creation. When asked to confirm the discard, press "ok" button.
      • After the last step, a javascript windows appeard with the error bellow:

      {"error_text":"","content":{"unvalidated-attributes":[],"stored-attributes":{"290":290,"291":291,"292":292,"293":293,"294":294,"295":295,"296":296,"297":297,"298":298,"299":299,"300":300},"valid":true,"message_success":"Draft saved at 3:41 pm","message_ago":"(0 minutes ago)","timestamp":1400506903,"preview":"<div class=\"preview-header\">\n    <h1 class=\"context-title\">\n        <a href=\"#\" class=\"close\">&laquo;&nbsp;Back to the edit form<\/a>\n        <img class=\"transparent-png-icon\" src=\"\/share\/icons\/crystal-admin\/32x32\/mimetypes\/document.png\" width=\"32\" height=\"32\" alt=\"Article\" title=\"Article\" \/>\n        Preview of &lt;New article&gt; in siteaccess\n        <select class=\"no-autosave\">\n                    <option value=\"site\" selected=\"selected\">site<\/option>\n                    <option value=\"eng\">eng<\/option>\n                    <option value=\"ezdemo_site_admin\">ezdemo_site_admin<\/option>\n                <\/select>\n        <img src=\"\/extension\/ezautosave\/design\/standard\/images\/as-loader.gif\" alt=\"Loading...\" style=\"display:none\" id=\"iframe-loader\" \/>\n    <\/h1>\n    <div class=\"context-information\">\n        <p class=\"left preview-warning\">\n            <strong>Warning:<\/strong> <em>following links from the preview will take you to the live version of the website<\/em>\n        <\/p>\n        <p class=\"right translation\">\n            English (United Kingdom)&nbsp;<img src=\"\/share\/icons\/flags\/eng-GB.gif\" width=\"18\" height=\"12\" style=\"vertical-align: middle;\" alt=\"eng-GB\" \/>\n        <\/p>\n        <div class=\"break\"><\/div>\n    <\/div>\n<\/div>\n<iframe src=\"\/ezdemo_site_admin\/content\/versionview\/67\/1\/eng-GB\/site_access\/site\"><\/iframe>\n"}}

      Note: Don't know if this is related with EZP-22875

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