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Setup wizard of 5.3 stops when using kickstart



      The ideia of kickstart is to have an automatic installation.
      Because of EZP-22651, the setup wizard was changed to display some information about eZ Community, as it's possible to see in the attachment image.
      When you use kickstart, it's not possible to hide this page and it will always be displayed interrupting the automatic install until some input from user.

      This behavior goes against the recently fixed EZP-20575, related to the mandatory registration form. If EZP-20575 allowed the kickstart to bypass the mandatory form, EZP-22651 brings back the problem by making the community announcement page "mandatory" in fact.

      Steps to reproduce

      • Copy the kickstart.ini attached file to your ezpublish_legacy folder
      • Edit kickstart.ini and change the values to reflect your installation
      • Start the setup procedure
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