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eZ Find: Search content in multiple languages in the admin SiteAccess



      When searching for a content object that has been translated to more than one language, eZ Find can't find it unless the language to match is the first element in site.ini [RegionalSettings] SiteLanguageList. So for example, if you have an article in eng-GB called "test", and...


      ...eZ Find will find the article. But if the language order is switched...


      ...no results will be returned. The fact that ezfind.ini SearchMainLanguageOnly is set to "disabled" makes no difference. In essence, you can only find objects that are translated in the first language specified in each SiteAccess' [RegionalSettings] SiteLanguageList list. This works well for frontend SiteAccesses, where only content in eng-GB will be returned for a SiteAccess set up in eng-GB, only content in ger-De will be returned for a SiteAccess in ger-De, and so on.

      This, however, can be an inconvenience in the admin Siteaccess, as it would be very useful to get results for all available translations for a given object. Therefore, I would like to suggest this mechanism to be enhanced so that eZ Find-powered searches in the admin SiteAccess return results for all available translations.


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