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Add multilanguage names property in ContentInfo




      This story covers the following tasks (hopefully complete):
      1. Add names property (array) in eZ\Publish\SPI\Persistence\Content\ContentInfo
      2. Legacy Implementation - when loading ContentInfo fill the names property with computed names from the current version
      3. SQL-NG: (name list is already in dbschema) - when loading ContentInfo fill the names property from the name_list from table ezcontent
      (check if the name list is filled correctly on publish)
      4. Add names property (array) in eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\ContentInfo
      5. Adapt implementation when building the ContentInfo domain object
      6. Refactor and change implementation of the publish operation:
      Currently the content name is set in legacy content handler method publish. Move this logic to the method internalPublishVersion of the ContentService and set the names property instead of the name property.
      (side note: other logic in the publish method of the handler can also be moved up in order to avoid duplication in different storage engines)
      7. Adapt the SQL-NG publish method accordingly
      8. Add names property in the REST v2 spec for ContentInfo
      9. Adapt the REST server to build the payload accordingly
      10. Return $contentInfo->names[$contentInfo->mainLanguageId] on property $contentInfo->name. (Optional mark the name property as deprecated, but this is not necessary)


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