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Dev Mode not working on a ezflow or ezwebin installation



      On an new installation (ezflow or ezwebin) using dev environment will show an 404 error in a popup window

      An error occurred while loading the web debug toolbar (404: Not Found).
      Do you want to open the profiler?

      In the ezpublish debug info i have

      Error: index 	Oct 14 2013 11:14:44
      Undefined module: _profiler
      Error: error/view.php 	Oct 14 2013 11:14:44
      Error ocurred using URI: /_profiler/deae6e

      To reproduce the issue:

      1. Download the ezpublish-5.2 tarball or get the git Master version for ezp
      2. Install ezpublish using setup wizard
      3. Download the ezflow / ezwebin packages from packages.ez.no
      4. Activate dev mode in rewrite rules


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