eZOE does not save the width of a table

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Edit an article in eZ Publish 5.1 in IE8;
      2. Create a table (e.g. 2x2) in eZOE;
      3. Disabling the online editor will reveal that the width parameter isn't included in the table definition, even though it was specified in the table creation popup window:

      <table class="default" border="0" custom:summary="tst" custom:caption="">

      4. As an additional test, and still with the editor disabled, manually enter the width...

      <table class="default" border="0" width="100%" custom:summary="tst" custom:caption="">

      ...and then enable the editor. Table width looks OK, according to the value that was specified, but if you disable the editor again, the width is gone:

      <table class="default" border="0" custom:summary="tst">

      NOTE: this affects with as percentage and also as pixels.


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