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Fallback default value of some of the FieldTypes can not be used to create Content


    • Type: Improvement Improvement
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Medium Medium
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 5.1, 5.2-dev
    • Component/s: None
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    • Sprint:
      Aconcagua Sprint 1, Aconcagua Sprint 2


      Fallback default value returned by the getEmptyValue() method of some of the FieldTypes will produce an error if used in creation of Content.
      Exception will be thrown by FieldType::acceptValue().

      While the intention of this method is not to provide a default empty value for creation of Content (null can be used instead), nothing prevents user to use it in such a way.

      Proposed: update FieldType implementations so that acceptValue() can process such a value.

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          Petar Spanja (Inactive) logged work - 19/Jun/13 1:32 PM
          • Time Spent:
            3 hours

            implementing, fixing issues found

          Petar Spanja (Inactive) logged work - 20/Jun/13 1:32 PM
          • Time Spent:
            1 day

            implementing, fixing issues, reporting issues

          Petar Spanja (Inactive) logged work - 25/Jun/13 2:11 PM - edited
          • Time Spent:
            3 hours, 40 minutes

            refactored pull request #429 by review comment

          Petar Spanja (Inactive) logged work - 26/Jun/13 1:42 PM
          • Time Spent:
            6 hours

            further refactoring of the fieldtypes

          Petar Spanja (Inactive) logged work - 27/Jun/13 1:44 PM
          • Time Spent:
            6 hours

            further refactoring of the fieldtypes. discussion of the canges, removal of null as empty value value

          Petar Spanja (Inactive) logged work - 28/Jun/13 1:46 PM
          • Time Spent:
            1 hour, 30 minutes

            finished refactoring and updated PR

          Patrick Allaert (Inactive) logged work - 02/Jul/13 8:47 PM
          • Time Spent:
            1 hour

            Reviewing PR and commenting.

          Petar Spanja (Inactive) logged work - 03/Jul/13 1:58 PM
          • Time Spent:
            30 minutes

            fixes by PR review, discussing some remarks on GH

          Patrick Allaert (Inactive) logged work - 03/Jul/13 3:21 PM
          • Time Spent:
            25 minutes

            PR review

          Patrick Allaert (Inactive) logged work - 04/Jul/13 1:47 PM
          • Time Spent:
            10 minutes

            Review PR

          Petar Spanja (Inactive) logged work - 05/Jul/13 12:21 PM
          • Time Spent:
            30 minutes

            fixes, rebase, merge

          Marcos Loureiro (Inactive) logged work - 08/Jul/13 3:59 PM
          • Time Spent:
            3 hours, 30 minutes



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