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ezoracle: db driver - $db->generateSQLINStatement - not working correctly for items > 1000



      The restriction for oracle database, which only allows a total amount of 1000 elements in an IN statement is generating a where clause that is not safely encapsulated in braces *( ... )*

      In consequence, when the return value of this method is combined in other *and* clauses on query construction (such as the one in kernel/classes/notification/handler/ezsubtree/ezsubtreenotificationrule.php) the result set won't be the desired one.

      Steps to reproduce:
      • On an environment with eZOracle and over 1000 user accounts, all of them set up to be notified on changes to an object,
      • perform the changes
      • run the notification cronjob (active in *frequent*, by default)
      • The outcome may vary into a fatal error, if your data is large enough to provoke it or an undesired list of users being notified.


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