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Workflow Event/Approve not working correctly



      With the administrator user add an Event/approve workflow to be triggered with content/publish/before, then with another user add a few articles and you'll get the following error in the debug redirect

      Error: 	Mar 13 2013 12:41:52
      Internal transaction counter mismatch : 1. Should be zero.


      Setup - Create editor user
      Log in as admin in admin
      Click "User accounts" in top menu
      Click "Editors" link
      Click "Create here" button
      Enter form data:
      First name: Editor_tc182
      Last name : Editor_tc182
      Username : Editor_tc182
      Password : Editor_tc182
      Confirm password : Editor_tc182
      Email: tc182@test.com
      Click "Send for publishing button"
      Setup - Create workflow
      Click "Setup" tab in top menu
      Click "Workflows" link on left menu
      Click "New Workflow Group" button
      Enter Data
      Name: Group Workflow tc_182
      Press "OK" button
      On "Workflow Groups", click on "Group Workflow tc_182"
      On Workflows group, press "New workflow" button
      Enter Data
      Name: Workflow tc_182
      On events combo box, choose "Event / Approve"
      Press "Add Event" button
      On "Users who approve content" press "Add users" button
      Click on " Administrator User" link
      Check the  user  Administrator User
      Press "OK" button on the bottom of the page
      Press "Triggers" link on left side menu
      For Module "Content", Function "Publish", Connection Type "Before" choose the workflow "tc_182" on Workflow combo box
      Press "Apply changes" button
      Create 1 articles as Editor_tc182
      Enter Ez Publish as Editor_tc182
      Press "Content Structure" tab on top menu
      On "Sub Items" group, choose "article" from the combo box and press "Create here" button
      Create article1 with data:
      Title: Article1
      Intro: Intro for Article1
      Press "Send for Publishing button"

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