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Unable to add a comment as anonymous user with Oracle




      If I try to add a comment, with an anonymous user, I get the following error

      Error: eZOracleDB::query()
      Error (1400): ORA-01400: kan ikke sette inn NULL i ("EZP"."EZCOMMENT"."SESSION_KEY")
      Failed query at offset 195:
      INSERT INTO ezcomment (language_id, created, modified, user_id, session_key, ip, contentobject_id, parent_comment_id, name, email, url, text, status, title) VALUES(2, 1350677490, 1350677490, 10, '', '', 60, 0, 'fsd', 'fds@ez.no', 'fds', 'fds', 1, 'fds')

      Start of error:
      '', '', 60, 0, 'fsd', 'fds@ez.no', 'fds', 'fds', 1, 'fds')



      1. Log in as admin in ezwebin admin
      2. Click on "User accounts" in top menu
      3. Click "Roles and policy" in left menu
      4. Click edit icon next to "Anonymous"
      5. Click "New policy" button
      Module: comment
      Function: Add

      6. Click "Grant full access"
      7. Click "New policy" button
      Module: comment
      Function: security

      8. Click "Grant full access"
      9. Click "New policy" button
      Module: comment
      Function: Read

      10. Click "Grant full access"
      11. Click "Save" button

      Create a test article to a folder

      1. Click "Content structure" in top menu
      2. Create new folder "News"
      3. Click on "Create new" button
      4. Choose "Article with comments" from the drop down list
      5. Fill in the fields:
      Title (required): Test
      Summary (required): Summary of the test

      6. Click on "Send for publishing" button

      Add a new comment

      1. Access the frontend
      2. Click on "News" folder
      3. Click on "Test" article
      4. Fill in the comment fields:
      Title: test
      Name: Testes
      Website: http://ez.no
      Email: ez@ez.no
      Content: Simple test

      5. Check the "Remember me" checkbox
      6. Click on "Add comment" button
      7. Verify the error in the redirect


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