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    • Affects Version/s: QA tracked issues, 5.0 Certification, 5.0.0-dev, 5.0.0beta2
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      OS: RHEL 6.3 EE
      PHP: 5.3.3
      DB: Oracle
      Browser: Any



      If I create a survey, with ezsurvey, and add a multiple choice question.
      After voting and submitting the survey I get the following notice

      "Undefined index: module in /var/www/apache2php53/ezp5/app/ezpublish_testsystem/.run/extension/ezsurvey/datatypes/ezsurvey/ezsurveytype.php on line 419"


      Setup Survey

      1. Login into admin2 interface, using admin account
      2. Click on "Survey", from the top menu
      3. Click "Automatic" button
      4. Click "Next" button
      5. Click "Create new" button
      6. Click "Content structure" in top menu
      7. Create a folder named "Survey data"
      8. Click "Survey" in top menu
      9. Click "Browse" button
      10. Click "Content structure" in top menu
      11. Select "Survey data" and click Select button
      12. Click "Next" button

      Create Survey

      1. Click "Content structure" in top menu
      2. Create a new Survey
      Name : test survey
      Create new attribute "Single/Multiple Choice"
      Text of question : Color
      Rendring style : Radio buttons in a row
      Option label : "Red", Value:1, Order:1
      Option label : "Blue", Value:2, Order:2
      Option label : "Green", Value:3

      3. Click "Send for publishing"
      4. Validate that the survey now got published
      5. Click the "Preview" bar below the top menu
      6. Click on link to "test survey"
      7. Click on radio button for "Green"
      8. Click "Submit" button


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