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Test ezoe copy_paste functionality fails on EZOE 5.1.0 and 5.1.1




      When you try to copy/past a numeric list or a ordered list with Firefox 11 or 13 apparently the lists are altered.

      <li>Element 1</li>
      <li>Element 2 <ul>
      <li>Element 2.1</li>
      <li>Element 2.2</li>
      <li>Element 3</li>
      <li>Element 4</li>

      After copying from Element 2 to Element 3, with EZOE enabled, the past result is the following

      <li>Element 2Element 2.1</li>
      <li>Element 2.2</li>
      <li>Element 3</li>

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Login to Admin Interface
      2. Open the Setup tab
      3. Click on "Extensions" link on the left menu
      4. Select the ezoe extension
      5. Press "update" button
      6. Press "Regenerate autoload arrays for extensions" button
      Create Content
      1. Open the "Content structure" tab
      2. Create an new folder named "New"
      3. Open the "New" folder in the sub-items list
      4. Create a New Article 
      Title: Article 1
      Summary : Summary for Article 1
      Body: Make the following text and format it using ezoe
      5. Create the following numeric list
      1. Element 1
      2. Element 2
          1. Element 2.1
          2. Element 2.2
      3. Element 3
      4. Element 4
      6. Copy the list (Element 2 to Element 3) a paste it and a couple of lines bellow using ctrl+c / ctrl+v
      7. Copy the entire list and check if its rendered properly


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