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It's not possible to fetch for logged in users in Oracle DFS




      The number of users logged in can't be fetch in Oracle DFS.

      The problem is the number of fetched users, apprently it keeps the users that aren't logged in.

      Steps to reproduce
      Edit ./settings/override/site.ini.append.php and add the parameter to enable the debug and set the sessions for the database:
      <?php /* #?ini charset="utf-8"?
      */ ?>
      Create one admin user
      1. Login as admin into admin interface
      2. Click on “User accounts” on top menu
      3. Click on “Members” link on sub-items table
      4. Create one “Member” user with the following data:
      First name: te1
      Last name:st1
      Username: test1
      Password: test1
      Confirm password: test1
      Email: test1@test.com
      5. Create a “News” folder and an article “Article1” within
      6. Click on “Content Structure” on top menu
      7. Create a “News” folder
      9. Click on the “News” link
      10. Create an article “Article 1” with the following data:
      Title: Article 1
      Summary: Sum of Article 1
      11. Click on “Send for Publishing” button
      12. Logout
      Change the article.tpl template
      Using the command line, change the article template:
      $ vi ./extension/ezwebin/design/ezwebin/override/templates/full/article.tpl
      Add the following code:
      {def $users=fetch( 'user', 'logged_in_users', hash( 'sort_by', array( array( 'login', true() ) ) ) )}
      <pre style="margin:20px;">
      Logged-in Users
      Total: {count($users)}
      {foreach $users as $user}
      {$user.login} - {$user.email}
      {def $anon=fetch( 'user', 'anonymous_count' )}
      Anonymous Users Total: {$anon}
      Login one Member user and one anonymous user in different browsers (Browser2 and browser3), different from the previous used one (Browser1)
      Using Browser2, login as Test/Test1
      Using Browser3, as anonymous, click on “News” folder in ezflow
      Access the “Article1” using Browser1
      1. Using Browser1, access the ezflow
      2. Click on “News” folder
      3. Click on “Article1” article
      4. Verify, in debug, that the fetched users appear.
      5. Verify that only one logged in user appear
      6. Verify that the anonymous users were not fetched




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