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Design element javascript/ezoe/ez_core.js does not exist in any design - EzTeamRoom




      When adding a new Event in the Calendar, I get the following warnings in eZ Debug:

      Warning: eZTemplate:ezdesign
      Design element javascript/ezoe/ez_core.js does not exist in any design

      Warning: eZTemplate:ezdesign
      Tried files: extension/ezteamroom/design/ezteamroom/javascript/ezoe/ez_core.js, design/base/javascript/ezoe/ez_core.js, extension/selenium/design/standard/javascript/ezoe/ez_core.js, extension/ezevent/design/standard/javascript/ezoe/ez_core.js, extension/ezteamroom/design/standard/javascript/ezoe/ez_core.js, extension/ezlightbox/design/standard/javascript/ezoe/ez_core.js, extension/ezxmlinstaller/design/standard/javascript/ezoe/ez_core.js, extension/ezmultiupload/design/standard/javascript/ezoe/ez_core.js, extension/ezjscore/design/standard/javascript/ezoe/ez_core.js, design/standard/javascript/ezoe/ez_core.js

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Access the teamroom siteaccess of your eZ Publish installation
      2. Login as admin
      3. On the ezteamroom frontpage click on Create new teamroom
      4. Enter the information:
          Name: Teamroom 1
          Access: Private
          Feature list: Calendar
      5. Click on Create
      6. Run the frequent cronjob
      Verify that creating an event in a calendar in a teamroom works
      1. Go to Sitemap -> Calendar under "Teamroom 1"
      2. Click on the button Add new event
      3. Enter the information:
          Full title: Play squash
          Short title: Squash
          Description: In Oslo
          Date: Type=normal, select current date for both From and To dates by clicking on the calendar icon
          Location: Oslo
      4. Verify the warnings in eZ Debug




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