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(tc-551) - Pasting a link in the browser,from an object that was created, gives an error on debug



      If i copy an objects' link while an object is being created, publish that object and then paste the previous copied link in the browser, an error is raised in the debug.

      Error presented in debug "Object not found (61)"; 
      Error ocurred using URI: /content/edit/61/1.

      Steps to reproduce

      The DebugOutput must be set no enabled
      Create one folder and an article within it:
      - Open ezpublish in frontpage or Admin2 interface
      - Create a Folder named "News 1"
      - Access "News_1" folder
      - Create an article name "Article 1" and copy and store the link for this page before publishing
      - Publish the article
      Paste the previous copied path
      - Open the ezpublish using the copied stored path ( in group step 1 of this description)

      The error can be seen in the debug after this last step.


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