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The "slider" from contrast and brightness does not work properly




      When trying to change "brightness" or "contrast" of an image, apparently the slider isn't working.

      Steps to reproduce
      Create an image object
      1. Log in as admin on plain admin
      2. Click on the "Media" tab
      3. Click on the "Image" folder in the sub-items list
      4. Select "Image" in the content class dropdown list
      5. Click on "Create here"
      6. Fill in the image details:
      Name: "TC-260"
      Caption: leave blank
      Image: browse for a file, and select the "Jellyfish.jpg" image attached to the "eZ Image Editor" test suite
      7.Click on "Store draft"
      Launch the image editor and check that the Brightness feature works
      1. Click on the "Edit" button below the image
      2. Check that the image editor interface shows up, with the "Actions" toolbar and the "eZ Image Editor" floating window
      3. Click on the "Fit on screen" button to display the full image
      4. Click on the "Brightness" button in the left toolbar
      5. Check that the right column now shows the "Brightness" toolbar
      6. Select part of the image to apply the brightness
      7. Drag the slider below the "Brightness" title to the left edge
      8. Check that the text box below displays values up to -255.
      The slider doesn't move, and there is no update in the edit box.


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