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eZ Flow fails to copy blocks properly when creating new translation based on existing translation




      If you add a new translation to an object with an eZ flow attribute and base that new translation on the existing translation, then the block ids will be copied. This means if you change something in the new translation it will be changed in the base translation as well.

      The expected behavior would be for the block ids to be unique even if the translation was "copied" from another translation.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a new object that has an ez flow attribute in language A
      2. Add a block to the layout and add an item to the block
      3. Create another translation of the object in language B and base language B on language A.
      4. Remove the item in the block and add a different item

      Result: In language A, the item in the block has been also changed as in language B

      Expected result: Language A should keep its original content and only language B should have the new item.


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