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Get rid of yui-tmp-0 when recording tests in selenium



      Some places inside eZ Publish, SeleniumIDE is not capable of recording tests correctly. Some places where the yui library is used, selenium is simply not able to address the element clicked. Instead, it will record actions like :
      click yui-tmp-0
      However, such events will not be playable afterwards.
      The workaround for this problem seems to add unique IDs to the elements in question. The problems occurs in several lists (like child lists, block list (ezflow). In such lists I would recommend to make the IDs based on the order they have in the list, not on node_id. This will also make the tests way more maintainable (not dependent on node ids)

      Below is a list of places where this is a problem.

      • Admin2 : clicking in a link in the Sub items list
      • eZ Flow : in block editing : moving blocks up/down, collapse/uncollapse a block, remove a block (patch attached)
      • eZ Flow/eZ webin : Sorting menu items ( /websitetoolbar/sort/2 ) : Entering numbers for priority, selecting rows ( for deletion )


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