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TC-150: Removing a teamroom redirects you to "Object is unavailable" page (in cluster mode)



      When i try to remove a teamroom, i get an error that "Object is unavailable" (see PNG TC-150 in attach).

      Aditional Notes:

      • In cluster mode tests
      • Same behavior either we chek or not to delete to Trash Can
      • When i verify the frontpage, the “deleted” teamroom is unavailable and it’s possible to create a new one with the same name as the "deleted"
        Steps to reproduce

        Test Case
        Verify that removing a teamroom works (with Trash)
        1.Go to the frontpage
        2.Create "Teamroom 1" with type Private
        3.Click on "Teamroom 1" under the second icon from the left
        4.Click on Remove teamroom
        5.Check Move to Trash checkbox
        6.Click on the button below the Move to Trash checkbox


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