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Infocollector mail: From and Reply-To cannot be different



      The issue here is that you can specify the sender's email from the information collection template, but this does set both the From and Reply-To headers. Here, the customer can not use the user's email as From, since their email architecture requires an internal email. However, if they set email_sender to an internal email, Reply-To is also set to this value, and the receiver can't reply to the original user, since it is an internal email.

      What would be correct in our opinion:

      • allow the email_sender variable to be set the way it currently is
      • also allow to set an email_reply_to variable from the template. If this variable is set, use it for Reply-To (line 310 of collectinformation.php in eZP 4.1.3). If it is not set, use the sender (it currently works that way).

      This would also be completely backward compatible.


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