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Forum RSS feed content contains geshi formatted of source code snippets not properly encoded into html entities within literal tag content which prevents problem free display of content in feed



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      This problem is fairly simple in nature but technically complicated to understand for most people.

      In short we need geshi to encode source code snippets into html entities in the content with the rss feeds.

      Specifically today we know now we need geshi encode source code snippets into html entities (like html, php, any language content) in rss feeds.

      We now know the solution to this problem (it did take some detailed time and research to narrow down the cause and perfect solution). This is a dire need.

      Currently no one consuming the share.ez.no rss feed content can solve this problem without the solution we have tested and found perfectly solving this problem implemented.

      The solution to this problem must be made to share.ez.no to solve it properly for everyone.

      Reproduce use case

      This problem is hard to reproduce because you must test with content which does not live in the feed for very long. Or you must import share.ez.no rss feed (forum) content as text block datatype attribute and reproduce the problem trying to display the content which is nearly impossible to display without rendering problems.

      Longer description

      We are importing rss content forum content from share.ez.no ...

      but ezgeshi is enabled on the site's forum content to provide pretty display of literal tag content and the rss module view is getting the geshi output in the pre tag which makes it almost impossible to display the output pre tag content if it contains html markup (which has not been properly encoded into html entities).

      So the problem seems to be any content in pre tag (ezliteral tag), mixed in with geshi html pretty output html in pre tag (again without first being properly encoded into html entities).

      When the content is imported the html entities are all converted to tags making the display of the forum message content break the page because the content contains pre tag with html (both example code for sharing and review) and mixed in with geshi html

      We can write all kinds of special output php to clean up the html of the forum message content but it seems like it's virtually impossible to FIX the problem with geshi html mixed in a pre tag with html (like a snippet of html to share for review)

      .. because how do you say don't transform ezgeshi html into entities but do turn the html code ezgeshi formatted into entities. This is the problem users of this share.ez.no forum rss feeds are faced with. We can't solve a problem of this complex nature that originates within the content rendered in the rss module view templates.

      We need a solution made on share.ez.no templates which either prevents rendering of content using the rss module view from ever being run through geshi or properly encodes the user submitted literal tag code snippets through html entity encoding.

      We have even checked other feed sites by importing share.ez.no forum content and seeing how it renders on their site's page and the results are the same (consistent but terrible and next to impossible to read) … this is defiantly a share.ez.no specific problem.

      Please help!

      We have to moderate every forum post (hide) by hand (time consuming and disappointing) which contains html literal tag usage as most posts who do use this .. well the geshi output causes the browser to interpret the markup and break the web page display entirely in random ways which are next to impossible to predict or prevent.

      If you could only detect that the rss module feed view is being used in tpl and properly encode source code content in ezliteral tag use into html entities OR not push the literal tag output through geshi then our lives would be spared this horrible problem every day a user uses the literal tag and provides an html snippet.

      Please let us know what you think.

      Thanking you in advance for your continued support!

      Brookins Consulting




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